Technical, instructional, and owners manuals for LIMEX products*.

*At this time all literature is only available in the German language.


Manuals MPR4 Touch display for version 1.17  pdf 2.13 MB
Microphone system Professional 4 Plus  pdf 903.01 kB
Manuals Wireless system w4  pdf 298.22 kB
Manuals Active speaker with rechargeable battery LX 100 A  pdf 233.39 kB
Manuals Foot pedal FP-1  pdf 1.16 MB
Manuals Wireles system V1 with MEX  pdf 710.24 kB
Manuals for calibration (Key adjust) MPR4  pdf 176.61 kB
Manuals for 8-inch speaker  pdf 322.58 kB
Manuals for 12-inch speaker  pdf 599.21 kB
Manuals for MPR4 system  pdf 1.94 MB
MEX helps you! - Buttons, bellows and volume settings  pdf 1.01 MB
MCX Microphone controller manuals DE pdf 310.29 kB