The Limex active speaker LX8A-2 provides excellent sound, beautiful design and a Livingroom friendly size. It is available in different colors for example black, white, silver … Through its easy usage and its many possible ports the Limex active speaker LX8A-2 is the ideal box for every home musician. Like her bigger sisters, AS120 and ASA120, the LX8A-2 can be equipped with a wireless module for Bluetooth compatibility. If you wish to have a perfect stereo experience (Limex is recommending that) just attach our PX8P-2 passive speaker.

8-inch Speaker8-inch Speaker - rear view8-inch Speaker element

Technical Specifications

Height 370 mm
Width 260 mm
Depth 280 mm
Weight 9,2 kg (aktive), 8,5 kg (passive)
Power 2 x 100 Watt
(100 W for active speaker and 100 W for passive speaker)
Color black

Instruction manual (pdf file) (German only)

8-inch speaker styles/colors