• Touch Display
  • Touch Controller - 11 free programmable touch-pads
  • 50 (without) to 2400 (with Display) memory locations
  • PC EditorUSB Connection for simple sound setup
  • NEW Bellow Dynamic
  • MP3 Player
  • MIDI Files Player
  • Style Arranger (from OS version 1.1)
  • 32 MIDI channels — 16 sounds for Live Play — 16 for Midi Files
  • Playback and Live can be adjusted accordingly
  • 16 sounds for live-play/sound SETS

Accordion with MPR4 System

MC11 Controller

MC11 Controller with touch-pads

Touch Display

Touch-Display with SD memory card

What are the Sound SETS?

  • Trumpet and clarinet on the treble side,- the clarinet playing upper and the trumpet lower voice. Chord Guitar "Stereo" and accordion chord on the chord keys. Baritone + E-bass + guitar + accordion bass on the bass buttons. Up to now, there are 9 sounds needed for a perfect reproduction of the piece!
  • Next - simply switch to SET2 by touching pad 2 on MC11 controller (second part of the piece) and play it appropriately to the piece: Accordion (polyphonic) in the treble-the clarinet now plays the lower second voice. Up to now - here are 11 sounds.
  • Switch to SET3 by touching pad3 on the MC11 controller:Baritone solo on the treble in the lower part of the treble keyboard. Trumpet and clarinet plays in the upper part of the treble keyboard. Total = 14 Sounds.

If you re-call PATCH the Oberkrainer setting (factory default), - this is already prepared and ready. It is how music can be played.

With our system you don`t need to turn ON and OFF all the instruments while playing.

Just choose a pre-set (e.g. "Oberkrainer") and SETS are ready to play; you only have to switch between those 3 SETS for perfect play. Our system is very flexible and all of the sound settings can be adjusted and created using an easy to use PC software — even Glenn Miller compositions are no problem to realize.